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Our Services


At Handworx, we have combined experience in hand therapy than anywhere else in the region.


Our highly trained physical and occupational therapists bring a wealth of knowledge to the clinic. We are able to offer splinting and bracing solutions for all conditions affecting the hand and wrist and have extensive programs of rehabilitation for both simple and complex medical conditions for your hand and wrist problems.

Our on-site hand surgeons offer expertise in the management of all conditions affecting, the hand and wrist, and are available for consultation for elective, urgent, and emergency issues.

Hand Therapy


Hand Therapy is the art & science of evaluating and treating conditions of the hand and wrist, where we use specialized therapeutic interventions.

Hand Surgery


Hand Surgery is a very specialized discipline that draws together practicing surgeons from both Orthopaedic Surgery and Plastic Surgery.

Splints & Braces


Splints and braces are often necessary for the support and protection of your hand or wrist  Many conditions of the hand and wrist may benefit from this practice.

EXOS Casting


Handworx offers EXOS waterproof casting. This revolutionary and leading custom casting system allows the cast to mold directly to your anatomy.

How to book an appointment?

Appointments with our surgical staff
only by referral from a Physician
or Nurse Practitioner

Appointments with our Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapist
do not require a referral

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