All of our staff at Handworx want to ensure that during the threat of COVID-19 pandemic in Waterloo Region our patients’ and clients’ safety is our top priority. The most effective ways to stop the spread of this disease remain staying home, keeping distance, and not gathering with larger groups of people. In addition, wash your hands and apply sanitizing agents as often as possible. However, stay in touch; call your friends and family, connect through social media, and support persons who are isolated or on their own.

To the present time measures, we have taken have proven very effective in Waterloo region. Spread of the virus through community contact outside of medical institutions has been low, but still present. This has allowed the province to move forward with the first and second phase of reopening, but protective measures remain just as important today as they have been for the past months.

We do not want to transmit the virus on to you or have you transmitting the virus on to us. The consequences may be catastrophic for patient care in our region or even deadly to anyone of us. However, experience has taught us that human interaction can be conducted safely with the appropriate precautions in place. Many health care workers have been in regular contact with COVID 19 patients repeatedly and have not fallen ill by using appropriate protective equipment and sanitization procedures. These measures do work to protect us.

Planning is underway at regional hospitals to allow for a gradual resumption of elective surgical procedures. Access to surgical time will be very limited initially. It may be many months before we can resume full capacity in the operating rooms. Do not call Handworx to inquire about scheduling your surgery as there is no surgical schedule as of June 12, 2020.

We will begin to broaden our patient visits, both in-person and virtual, for essential services. Many patients have been waiting patiently to be seen for issues they have been struggling with for months or even years and it is unreasonable for waits to be extended further, provided we can safely practice in a sanitized and protected environment. We will be using masks, protective barriers, and liberally applying sanitizer to hands and frequently touched surfaces to prevent transmission of the virus.

It remains critical that individuals with any symptoms (see Ontario or Waterloo Regional Public Health websites for current symptom lists) isolate at home and get tested for COVID 19. Do not attend any appointments other than getting a COVID 19 test if you have any symptoms that may indicate an active COVID 19 infection.

Stay safe, be committed to self-protection and the protection of your friends and family, and we will eliminate the virus from our community, and reduce our collective risk of illness.



Hand Therapy is the art & science of evaluating and treating conditions of the hand and wrist. We use specialized therapeutic interventions to help return you to regular function following injury, impairment, or surgery.



Hand surgery is the field of medicine that deals with problems of the hand, wrist, and forearm. Hand surgeons care for these problems with and without surgery. They are specially trained to operate when necessary. 



Splints and braces are often necessary for the support and protection of your hand or wrist  Many conditions of the hand and wrist may benefit from simple ready-made braces and splints or custom fabricated bracing or splinting options.


Handworx offers EXOS® waterproof casting. This revolutionary and leading custom casting system allows the cast to mold directly to your anatomy for the best possible fit and comfort for you while allowing for exposure to water.

This is week 6 of the 7th tendon surgery. I want to thank Dr. Schuringa for his perseverance, skill and caring. Were it not his concern, I would have had the finger amputated. Together with Adrienne, my therapist extraordinaire, they have refused to give up. My thanks and gratitude to all the Handworx staff.



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