Splints and braces are often necessary for the support and protection of your hand or wrist  Many conditions of the hand and wrist may benefit from simple ready-made braces and splints or custom fabricated bracing or splinting options. Our therapists will assist you to identify the option that is most appropriate for your plan for treatment.


15 to 30 minutes



Splints may be designed to protect your hand from injury or to provide support for work or sporting activities. Other splints may provide support while healing from injury or surgery. In many circumstances, simple prefabricated splinting may be sufficient for your needs. Braces are designed for the immobilization or protection required for the management of many different hand/wrist conditions. These may be suitable for some simple fractures, minor injuries, simple immobilization, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Custom fitted splints/braces, when needed, are designed and manufactured on-premise and are custom-fitted to you by our hand therapists. It is molded perfectly to fit the anatomy allowing for maximum protection and ease of removal for post-injury or surgery rehabilitation.

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