At Handworx we offer a physical therapy clinic unlike any other in the Waterloo region. Our new location in a converted beautiful older home offers free parking on-site, more working space, and a comfortable environment through which we can serve you better. 


With over 30-years of combined experience in treating hands, our physiotherapists and occupational therapists understand your challenges and will work with you to resolve them. We strive to help you overcome the dysfunction or impairment in your hands or wrists caused by any one of numerous conditions. 


Executing full and comprehensive treatment by certified hand therapists in close association with a team of surgeons, we bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our utmost priority is to provide you with the greatest opportunity for recovery of function and relief from pain and impairment. 


The Handworx clinic is closely linked to the practices of three of Waterloo Region's leading surgeons with subspecialty skills in the surgical management of complex hand problems. At times your condition may require referral on for consultation regarding further treatment, including surgery. Our surgeons at Handworx are easily accessible through the hand therapy program when their expertise and skills are required. 



At Handworx, we strive to be the premier location in the greater Waterloo region for the assessment, management, and treatment of all conditions affecting the hand and wrist. 

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